Parish Council monthly email update January 2024

DCO commencement and project update

Last week we triggered our Development Consent Order, which gives the green light for the construction phase of Sizewell C.

This is a significant moment for the project and for Suffolk. While Sizewell C will be a linchpin of Britain’s energy system, it’s much more than a power station, especially for this region.

Entering the construction phase will be a game-changer for the area, helping to boost employment and skills, enhancing the local environment, and developing new clean technologies.

A £250m package for local communities will be activated – available in phases over the construction period to deliver a lasting legacy for the region. Community Forums have been launched to enable local communities to have a say during the construction phase, with the first group meeting held last week.

We’ve had a successful year of pre-commencement works on site, and we’ve been working hard with local partners and organisations to ensure we’re ready to take this next step for the project.


Last week we held our first community forum as part of the next stage of our community engagement. The Main Development Site forum is one of three forums that will run four times a year. The Northern Transport forum is scheduled for 6 February and the Southern Transport Forum on 12 February. The overall Sizewell C forum will run annually, the first will be held on Tuesday 9 April (please note the date has been amended to avoid a clash with the Easter bank holiday weekend). For further information please visit our website:

Alongside the forums are the working groups, covering a wide range of topics including environment, community safety, ecological, rights of way and tourism. A full list can be found in the Deed of Obligation:

Project update

During early 2024, we will be continuing ecological and archaeological works on site and across the associated development sites, as well as conducting ground trials for civil engineering works and commencing drainage and earthworks. We will be working on access roads on site so that construction traffic can get direct and efficient access, and we will establish perimeter fencing so that we have safe and secure site boundaries. We will also start on the construction and fit-out of our early site welfare and site offices, so we have the right facilities in place for our team.

We are working towards implementing improvements along the B1122 which will include resurfacing. We are working closely with utility companies such as Essex and Suffolk Water to align any maintenance work that is required ahead of the resurfacing. We expect our work to start in early spring and will require diversions. We will send letters to residents, and ensure the works tracker is regularly updated ahead of works commencing.

HGV movements and notifications

There will be more HGV and other heavy machinery activity in early 2024 and you are able to sign up for email notifications in advance of wide load movements during the construction period. If you would like to receive these notifications, simply contact our Community Relations Team to register.

There are designated routes for HGV movements which are monitored by our Traffic Management Team, who brief our contractors of their travel obligations. We have also erected signage across the region and in Leiston to direct our traffic. If you see any HGVs that you believe are on the wrong route or speeding, please get in touch via or 0800 197 6102.

Monday 29 January – Friday 2 February wide loads will be delivering modular buildings to the land east of Eastlands Industrial Estate in Leiston. This is close to King George’s Avenue and Lovers Lane.

These loads will follow the designated route to site – north on the A12, B1122 east and Lovers Lane into Leiston.

For the latest information on Sizewell C works in your area, visit:

B1122 Vibration Surveys

The Vibration Survey for the B1122 residents has launched in Middleton and Theberton, and residents have until the end of January to request that their property is included in the survey. This scheme will be comprised of an Initial Structural Condition Survey to be undertaken by a Sizewell C appointed building surveyor, followed by a Second Structural Condition Survey to be undertaken following the opening of the Sizewell link road.

Regional External Affairs and Development
Sizewell C
0800 197 6102

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Please find below a copy of the presentation by The Sizewell C Community Relations team and a copy of the documents referred to during the evening 27th October 2023:


The Deed of Obligation

As presented on Friday, the Deed of Obligation  details the commitments made for mitigations to areas such as tourism, traffic, blue light services etc. 



The Freight Management Strategy details our plans to deliver 60% of materials by Rail and Sea to reduce the HGV numbers on the roads at the peak of construction.

The Consolidated Transport Assessment details the modelled impact on local roads, shown by road and timings throughout the day and phase of construction.

The Construction Worker Travel Plan shares full details of the plans, including the facilities at the park and rides and enforcement. 

The Worker Code of Conduct purpose is covered in the Community Safety Management Plan, the final Worker Code of Conduct is currently being finalised. 

The Traffic Incident Management Plan details the plans in the event of traffic issues on the A12. 


The Beach Landing Facility

The plans for the Beach Landing Facilities can be viewed here: PowerPoint Presentation ( (Part 1) and here PowerPoint Presentation ( (Part 2)

EN010012-007571-Sizewell C Project - Other- Volume 2 Main Development Site Chapter 3 Appendix 3D- Construction Method.pdf ( For details on the Construction Method, see section 3.1 on Page 22.



EN010012-002231-SZC_BK8_8.10_Accommodation_Strategy.pdf ( (Please see from page 18 for consideration of the impact on tourist accommodation)


SZC Co. cannot directly control the accommodation choices of the workforce; many workers would not be directly employed by SZC Co. and cannot be compelled to live in any given location. However, SZC Co. would assist workers in finding suitable accommodation, both in terms of its type and location.


As set out above, there is a significant stock of homes and bedspaces in the sector – in 2011, there were over 99,000 bedspaces in the area, and based on national and regional average increases this may have since risen to over 128,000. As such, Sizewell C workers are likely to require around 1.2% of all bedspaces in the area. This is well within the overall calculated level of frictional vacancy within the sector, and is therefore expected to be imperceptible at that scale.


The strategy details that:

− Over a third of the workforce are expected to live locally
− Up to 3,000 workers could occupy an accommodation campus and caravan park provided by the Sizewell C Project.

− Around 800 workers would be expected to seek tourist accommodation in a range of types (e.g. serviced, self-catering, caravans) depending on price, location, and availability.

− Around 1,200 workers would be expected to seek tenancies in the private rented sector (similar to levels of private renting during the peak of Sizewell B).

− Around 880 workers are predicted to buy accommodation (owner-occupied sector), including NHB operational staff making a permanent move to the area and workers in long-term construction and support/management roles.


This breakdown is considered to be an upper estimate as it does not include workers seeking spare rooms in existing homes, or in currently unregistered accommodation known as ‘latent accommodation’ – this type of accommodation has proved popular at Hinkley Point C.


General Overview – All of the documentation submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and scrutinised by the Secretary of State is publicly available on the website below:

The Sizewell C Project | National Infrastructure Planning (