Creative Dunwich

Endless expanses of coastline, wild, unpredicatbale weather and picturesque landscapes, with all its beauty and charachter, its no wonder that Dunwich attracts creative, artistic people. 

Molly Hogg Textiles Antique textiles and Artefacts - Sourcing African and Asian textiles for over 25 years

Molly first trained in the design of woven and constructed textiles prior to starting her business in Antique textiles from Africa and Asia. Travelling to source and collect antique textiles for more than thirty years Molly has focussed on the textiles from India, Sri Lanka and the many islands of Indonesia as well as North and West Africa, particularly Morocco, Nigeria and Ghana.

A highlight of Molly’s career has been her discovery of Indian 18th C hand painted cotton trade clothes in Sri Lanka. Previously overlooked, many of these astoundingly beautiful fabrics are now held in important private and public museum collections worldwide.

Molly’s clients are wide ranging, private collectors, museums, interior designers and those with a love and appreciation of beautiful fabric and textiles.  Whatever your interest Molly is available to source, advise and support.  You can follow Molly's travels and highlights on Instagram @mollyhogg_textiles or contact at

Debra Hyatt Film maker

Debra Hyatt produces short films of great beauty and pathos. This one, The Dark Heart of Dunwich, is a tale of love, secrets, greed and pride set in 12th Century Dunwich. It was made in the summer of 2019 and can be viewed here.  Words and music by Mim Barnes and Tin River. Puppets by Meg Amsden. Backgrounds and production by Debra Hyatt.