2017 Applications

Application Number




 16/5070  The Ship Inn, St James Street   Pruning and crownlifting of several trees in the garden  Approved
 16/4944  Middlegate Barn, High Street  Construction of linked annexe comprising of living space, bedroom & en suite, workshop, covered storage and garden machinery store  Approved
 16/5206  Black Pig Cottage, Monastery Hill  Replacing shed with studio and workshop; rear garden room extension, new chimney and internal alterations  Refused
 16/5399  Middlegate Barn, High Street  Fell 1 Eucalyptus; prune 1 Eucalyptus  Approved
 16/5446  2 Town House, Westleton Road  Crown reduce by 1-2m and remove any deadwood from mature roadside oak to reduce risk of falling debris  Approved
 17/0324  Leet Hill, St James Street  Fell 2 sycamore, 5 Leylandii  Approved
 17/0446  Middlegate Barn, High Street  Installation of natural pond and enlarged woodland at the Monastery Hill end of the site  Approved
 17/0725  Ship Cottage, St James Street  Demolitions, Alterations and extension of single storey north range, first floor window alteration to north gable  Approved
 17/0766  Marshside, St James Street  Construction of first floor rear extension  Approved
 17/0850  Phoenix Centre Clinic, Bridge Barn   Change of Use from a therapy clinic to a holiday let   Withdrawn
 17/1920  Seadrift, St James Street  First floor extension and alterations  Pending